Marie Giroux - Painter artist

Marie Giroux, artist painter

“ ...Always be on the go…watching through the high winds the very star away…”

Upon entering into Marie Giroux's works, one will discover urban scenery, meandering floral landscapes, and the escaping fragrances of maritime paintings, a world where fantasy, sweetness, passion, and the quest for peace are sparkling in a lyric, exuberant mix of textures and colours, carried along by what she calls, “...that cheerful joy of leaving everything to chance…”

“…States shall have no place in my paintings…”

Her works also are an invitation to wander into the contrasted musicality of her inner scenery made of radiant shadows and fuzzy lightness, and perceive beneath the seemingly continuity of her painting topics, the relentless pursuit of an artist “...searching from her inner-self, that unforeseeable way...” through the ultimate expression of her art.

Very committed in her artistic community, Marie Giroux is a self-taught painter, who grew up in a most creative family.

Her appeal for plastic arts eventually brought her to attend the Norman Hudon's Studio, in Montreal (1971-1973), and later develop her oil painting techniques with some renowned painters, up to the point where she decided, in 1988, to set herself up as a professional artist.

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